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Cathie Wilson

By Copycat | 3 December 2015 | 0 Comment

Cathie has a reputation for her engaging writing style and eagle-eyed editing. Her diverse work history—starting out as a science student and early computer nerd (before the interwebs!), progressing to HR/Finance and government work before taking up her current career in marketing and communication—has exposed her to a multitude of outlooks and business situations. As a result, she can wrap her head around all sorts of tech-speak and jargon, translating it for a range of different audiences. Cathie has worked with public utilities, ICT and engineering companies, transport and logistics organisations, and industrial research and academic institutions.

An excellent generalist, Cathie’s particular forte is in creating publications with panache. From conceptualising and developing, writing and editing, directing artwork and managing projects—if it’s in print, or on line, Cathie’s track record of delivering high-calibre work is well established.

And her love of words doesn’t stop at English: A wannabe polyglot, Cathie’s current party trick is being able to say “Thank you” in 23 languages (at last count). She can say “Please” in six, and order drinks in five. Cathie is also an amateur jazz and backing vocalist (currently looking for a willing accompanist).



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